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Lane Garrison

Lane Garrison

General Track

When Lane was young he had no idea that he wanted to work in animation or even as an artist. He knew he loved watching shows like Samurai Jack, Rugrats, X-Men, and anime and that he enjoyed emulating all of the wacky things within them. He also knew that he enjoyesd doodling, but at the time it was just another fun thing he could do along with sports, school, music, and adventuring.

A general interest in all things continued through middle school and high school along with his love of cartoons and drawing; which went so far as to earn him an award for Best Illustrated Comic in a High School Paper. As graduation approached, however, the career Lane imagined was not one of art but of marine biology. He visited Scripps Institution of Oceanography in preparation for his future as a champion of the sea… and then promptly accepted an academic scholarship to the University of Arizona where he enrolled as a mechanical engineering student.

College continued to be a place of adventure and exploration as Lane found himself constricted by the engineering regimen and switched first to Philosophy and then to East Asian Studies. While pursuing this new degree, Lane studied abroad in Tokyo, Japan where he apprenticed as a ceramicist. He also joined his school's art club where a true interest in 2D art took hold.

When he returned to the States he enrolled in more traditional art and 2D classes where he met his art mentor, David Christiana, who invited him to join a summer art program in Italy. Here, seduced by the beauty of the Italian countryside, he took visual storytelling and illustration courses that solidified his love for art.

After graduating, Lane had every intention of entering a Master's Program for art when he ended up winning the Imaginations contest held by Walt Disney Imagineering. He found himself will-o-the-wisped away to Los Angeles where for the first time he was fully exposed to the world of animation. He never realized that it was possible to live creating the shows he had loved as a child and at that moment knew there was nothing he would rather do.

Having never been trained in animation Lane quested for books, references, and reached out to local artists in order to learn the trade while he worked at Walt Disney Imagineering. And then he drew. And drew. And drew. Exploring as many techniques and styles as he could.

When his friend suggested that he apply for the Nickelodeon Artist Program he jumped at the opportunity to put all of his hard work to the test. Nickelodeon was not only the home of many of his favorite childhood cartoons, it was also a diverse studio where the creative spirit was alive and well. When he didn't hear back after a few months he didn't let it faze him and worked with his friend, Rafi, on creating a comic called "Thoughtstronauts" to push himself. When Nick contacted him he was completely blown away and the following process was one of the most intense he had ever experienced. He was a bit worried about his new mohawk hairdo but it was welcomed along with him into the Nickelodeon fold. He is bursting with excitement at the opportunity to work alongside so many amazing artists in such a nurturing environment and can't wait to learn and be a part of such an incredible Program!

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